[Python] PelicanとGithub Pagesで簡単ブログ作成

Posted on 2019年1月2日 in Tech

Pythonインストール・設定がまだの場合は[Python] MacにPythonのローカル開発環境を構築を参照


$ mkdir morita-toyscreation.github.io
$ cd morita-toyscreation.github.io


$ pyenv virtualenv 3.6.3 morita-toyscreation.github.io
$ pyenv local morita-toyscreation.github.io
$ pip install --upgrade pip
$ pip install --upgrade setuptools


$ pip install pelican
$ pip install ghp-import
$ pip install Markdown
$ pip install typogrify

githubにてmorita-toyscreation.github.ioブランチを作成 github-new

pelican クイックスタート

$ pelican-quickstart

pelican 初期設定 ※ 下記はローカルで確認だけに設定

> Where do you want to create your new web site? [.]
> What will be the title of this web site? Toyscreation Blog
> Who will be the author of this web site? morita-toyscreation
> What will be the default language of this web site? [ja]
> Do you want to specify a URL prefix? e.g., http://example.com   (Y/n) Y
> What is your URL prefix? (see above example; no trailing slash) https://morita-toyscreation.github.io
> Do you want to enable article pagination? (Y/n) Y
> How many articles per page do you want? [10]
> What is your time zone? [Europe/Paris] Asia/Tokyo
> Do you want to generate a Fabfile/Makefile to automate generation and publishing? (Y/n) Y
> Do you want an auto-reload & simpleHTTP script to assist with theme and site development? (Y/n) Y
> Do you want to upload your website using FTP? (y/N) N
> Do you want to upload your website using SSH? (y/N) N
> Do you want to upload your website using Dropbox? (y/N) N
> Do you want to upload your website using S3? (y/N) N
> Do you want to upload your website using Rackspace Cloud Files? (y/N) N
> Do you want to upload your website using GitHub Pages? (y/N) y
> Is this your personal page (username.github.io)? (y/N) y
Done. Your new project is available at /Users/xxxxx/Sites/morita-toyscreation.github.io


$ git init 
$ git checkout -b pelican


$ vi content/keyboard-review.md

Title:My First Review
Date: 2018-03-06 09:00
Category: Review

Following is a review of my favorite mechanical keyboard.


$ make devserver



$ make stopserver


$ pelican content -o output -s pelicanconf.py


$ git add .
$ git commit -m "first web site."
$ git push origin pelican

Github Pages用デプロイ

$ ghp-import output -b master -m "Published."


$ git checkout master
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "Published."
$ git push origin master

https://morita-toyscreation.github.io/ localhost-8000